Front Porch Contemporary – Track 13 Amazing Grace


Album: Front Porch Contemporary
Track: 13 Amazing Grace

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Album: Front Porch Contemporary

01) Break And Run
02) This Time
03) Crawdad Song
04) Don’t Put Me In Charge (Of Your Heart)
05) Let The Rest Of The World Go By
06) Ten More Payments
07) Give My Heart A Break
08) Shortnin’ Bread
09) Straight And Bending
10) Blow Wind Blow
11) I’m Too Old To Live Like This
12) Old Wranglers (A Song For Jim & Renee)
13) Amazing Grace

Produced & Mastered:
John Minick

John Johnson / Melody Recording Studio / Fayetteville Arkansas

Jed Clampit (Vocals, Acoustic & Electric Guitars)
Bill Clampit (Bass Guitar & Harmony Vocals)
Steven Clampit (Drums & Harmony Vocals)
John Minick (Keyboards & Harmony Vocals)
Kelley Mulhollan (Banjo, Acoustic & Electric Guitars)
John Hurley (Percussion)
John Johnson (Dobro)
Ed Nicholson (Special Guest – Acoustic & Electric Guitars)