Gotta’ Keep On Movin’ – 05 Rock Me Sock Me


Album: Gotta’ Keep On Movin’
Track: 05 Rock Me Sock Me

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Album: Gotta’ Keep On Movin’

01) Gotta Keep On Movin’
02) Leavin’ In The Morning
03) Whip-Poor-Will
04) Fall In Love Again
05) Rock Me Sock Me
06) Long Lonesome Highway
07) Little Boy Don’t Cry
08) Someone Whistling
09) Ready For You
10) The Local Girl And The Cowboy

Produced & Mastered:
John Minick

Steve Chandler

Jed Clampit (Vocals & Acoustic Guitar)
Bill Clampit (Bass & Backup Vocals)
Steve Roach (Backup Vocals, Acoustic & Electric Guitars)
Steven Clampit (Tambourine on ‘Ready For You’)
Tom Steffy (Bass)
Dale Sellars (Electric Guitar)
Tom Wells (Drums)
Lloyd Green (Steel Guitar & Dobro)
Bruce Watkins (Acoustic Guitar, Fiddle & Banjo)
Terry McMillan ( Harmonica & Percussion)
John Minick (Keyboards & Backup Vocals)
Steve Mauldin (String Arrangements)
Cate Sisters (Backup Vocals)
Wade McCurdy (Backup Vocals)