Jed Clampit – Track 07 Never Knew I’d Love You


Album: Jed Clampit
Track: 07 Never Knew I’d Love You

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Album: Jed Clampit

01) It Takes Time
02) Lovely Lady
03) Me And That Fly
04) Robin’s Nest
05) Back To You
06) Old Man Walking
07) Never Knew I’d Love You
08) Boogie Woogie
09) Letter Home

Produced & Mastered:
Jed Clampit & John Minick

Johnny Minick

Mark Ray

Jed Clampit (Vocals, Piano, Acoustic & Electric Guitars)
Tommy Steffy (Bass Guitar)
Todd Steffy (Drums)
Bob Evans (Percussion)
Rudy Osborne (Pedal Steel Guitar)
Cate Sisters (Back Up Vocals)
Tiger Miller (Flute on ‘Back To You’)
Bill Clampit (Acoustic Guitar on ‘It Takes Time’)
John Minick (Harmonica and String Arrangement)
Little Rock Symphony (Strings)

All Songs Written By Jed (R.D. Clampit)