Mississippi To Arizona – Track 04 Do You Remember


Album: Mississippi To Arizona
Track: 04 Do You Remember

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Album: Mississippi To Arizona

01) Mississippi To Arizona
02) Up The Stairs
03) Don’t Do Him Wrong
04) Do You Remember
05) Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven
06) Waitin’ My Turn
07) Didn’t Mean To Hurt You
08) Play One More
09) I Won’t See That Girl Again
10) The Rain Song

Produced & Mastered:
John Minick

Skip Shimmin

Jed Clampit (Lead & Harmony Vocals, Acoustic Guitar)
Bill Clampit (Harmony Vocals On ‘The Rain Song’)
John Minick (Keyboards & Harmony Vocals)
Pete Bordonalli (Electric & Acoustic Guitars)
Steve Roach (Lead Guitar On ‘The Rain Song’)
Terry McMillan (Harmonica & Percussion)
Sonny Garrish (Steel Guitar)
Rudy Osborne (Steel Guitar)
John Mays (Bass Guitar)
Mark Hammond (Drums)
The Cate Sisters (Back Up Vocals)
Little Rock Symphony (Strings)